Dumpster or Dumpster Bag – Which One Is Right For Me?

Using a dumpster opposed to a dumpster bag, or vice versa, is entirely based on the type of project being done. Before using one or the other, research which type will work best for you and your project. When choosing between a dumpster and dumpster bag, consider the following:

Size Of Container and Its Contents
This is the main factor to consider when deciding which trash receptacle you’d like to use.

True dumpsters come in a wide variety of sizes – from 4 yard bins to 40 yard bins – and can hold large and small items alike. Dumpsters are great for disposing of furniture, construction materials, general clutter and large appliances. When looking to rent a dumpster, ask the operator what size bin they’d recommend for your project.

Dumpster bags are smaller, and therefore, are designed to handle smaller jobs. Take the Waste Management Bagster for example:

The bagster is 2 ½ feet high, 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. This particular bag dumpster was designed to handle smaller jobs like ones involving a garage, yard, or attic. The WM Bagster can hold 3-cubic-yard of rubbish for total weight of over 3,300 pounds. The bagster is available in one size.

When looking for a trash receptacle, keep in mind that hazardous materials of any kind shouldn’t be disposed of in a dumpster or a dumpster bag.

Durability Of The Container

Both a dumpster and a dumpster bag can help you clear your home of unwanted clutter and debris, but, each has a different level of durability.

Dumpster bags are usually made out of tarp-like materials and feature handles for easy moving. To allow the dumpster bags to keep their rectangular shape, they should be filled with trash starting at the edges. Laying items flat and not piling debris over the edge is also recommended when disposing of trash in a dumpster bag.

True dumpsters are heavy-duty and made of hard metal. Therefore, you can throw or carry items of all shape and sizes into dumpsters. There’s no need to pile items flat, and the dumpster will never lose its shape.

Placement Of The Container

Both dumpsters and dumpster bags can be placed in driveways or yards, with some exceptions depending on your city’s regulations. If you’d like to place either receptacle in the street, cities often require special permits or permissions to avoid fines.

It’s the job of a dumpster operator to place the receptacle in a location that’s convenient for the customer. The operator will avoid placing the dumpster or dumpster bag on soft or sloped ground, and will place boards under the bin to avoid damaging the yard or drive way.

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